In Damascus, the oldest inhabited capital in the world, inside its old walls and next to the church from where St-Paul escaped to preach Christian religion to the world; stands since 1963: St-Paul Convent.

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The Convent

The Convent was initiated by the late Maximos IV, the Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarch, as a humanitarian project to look after children who had lost one or both parents or who had come from split families.

Who We Are

A group of Damascenes, faithful to the church answered to this initiative and the first part of the Convent was built to care for those children. It was designed with the required facilities for a comfortable homely atmosphere. 

In the seventies of the last century and due to the success of the children’s house, the late Patriarch Maximos V Hakim with the Board of Directors decided to add to the project a home for elderly people.

What we offer to the children

Today, the convent looks after 40 boys and girls aged from 2 to 18 and from different communities.

3 Studying rooms

with teachers to follow up their homework

2 Leisure halls

with reading facilities, television, and personal computers

Recreation court

2 Dormitories​

one for boys and one for girls with showers and bathrooms

1 Dining room ​

and fully equipped kitchen offering 3 meals a day

What we offer to the Eldery

30 rooms with private bathrooms and fully equipped with TVs, telephones, etc. are available to receive elderly guests.

Daily cleaning

3 meals a day

taking into consideration special diet if needed

Medical assistance

Leisure activities

Both projects depend mainly on donations, as even the rooms of the elderly are rented at a token price far to cover their expenses.

Due to the aging of the convent (nearly 60 years old), a lot of maintenance or renovations are required.

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